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Website Design

44oz Design Website Design

Throughout the past four or five years, website design has changed drastically. Most of this change has been incurred due to the rise of social networking sites such as FaceBook and MySpace. They make it easy to communicate with customers quickly. However, social networking sites often defer customers to other competitors as well and there is no way to ensure that the customer is looking at the authentic business website. A true stand-alone website is the best route for your business to take. The website can be designed to fit your specific needs and marketing the website will draw in more customers. This is something that social networking sites cannot provide.
  Installation - Migration of web pages on the client's web hosting service. Database installation. Any software installation that is designed to control the working aspects of the website.
Minor updates and changes - Up to 30 minutes of physical work time to existing web pages for one year, subject to limits. Additional changes billed at hourly rate. For online stores, this includes only "regular" pages, not product pages or the ordering system pages. Graphical background updates or page layout updates are not considered minor updates.
Main Domain Email Address - With all website packages hosted and monitored with 44oz design, (1) main domain email address is included. A main domain email address can be anything the customer chooses as long as the TLD is their domain. (ANYTHING@YOURDOMAIN.COM) There are some built in features provided free of charge such as spam blockers, catch all email settings, and POP account fetching. The email boxes at this time signed are (1Gb). Additional email addresses with require an email address plan.
Search Engine Submission - Google search engine is included. Additional Search engines such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, Windows Live and Bing are and additional charge and are only included with a search engine optimization plan. Many of these search engines require extensive account setups and code updates regularly.
E-mail response link - On each webpage to any e-mail address the client designates.
Feedback form - Basic asp program included. Includes up to 10 fields. Not included in the package price for sites smaller than 3 pages. This is not included in online stores, since the shopping cart software is a functional equivalent. At this time a human identifier is not available
for your feedback form.
Image Map - For internal navigation. (Not included in the package price for sites smaller than 3 pages.)
Live design viewing - Since 44oz design tests all websites on multiple internet browsers, we temporarily host your website on our server. Though your site may appear incomplete you may be able to view layouts and working designs of your site. This is provided as a courtesy and will only be used in full for verifying your website for completion. As soon as your site is live on your hosting it may be removed from ours.
Browser basic sizing - There are millions of positional customers out there and as technology changes so do their searching and browsing options. 44oz Design strives to meet all browsers viewing capabilities but also realizing you cannot please all. All websites are design to be viewed in a minimum browser of internet explorer 5.0 and greater. And a desktop viewing size minimum of 1024x768. The websites are also optimized at minimum of 72dpi. Web pages with greater than 72dpi have the potential of running slow on some browsers. Websites that need to adapt to certain browsers such as mobile browsers will need to programmed in a certain fashion. Please let 44oz Design know this before starting your website.

44oz Design Website and Store Planning Worksheet
Here is an Adobe Reader Document (PDF) of the website and store planning worksheet. All websites and ecommerce sites must have this filled out in its entirety before a design contract can be completed.

Website and Store Planning Worksheet Complete

Website and Store Planning Worksheet

44oz Design Online Shopping

Online shopping was always portrayed as the end to brick and mortar stores. However, with cyber crimes such as identity theft and pyramid marketing schemes, customers will always want to physically touch a product and talk face to face with a merchant. Online shopping does, however, reign supreme when it comes to nationally and globally expanding your business. It also helps you cut down on your cost of a business and in some cases, like a drop shipping company, completely eliminate it. There are many upsides to marketing and selling products online and may be a good option for you to consider.

44oz Design Pricing
Our prices are extremely affordable and we even offer payments to get you up and running. Click the link below to see our website design pricing.

Website Design Prices
Writing your Homepage Content.
Writing Homepage ContentIn the World Wide Web, for business, getting people to your site seems to be such a complicated thing. We can’t give all the secrets away, however we can tell you that the information you put on your front page is the most important. Barring anything search... READ MORE...

44oz Design Standard Website Package Elements
44oz Design includes the following elements in the Standard Website Package:

E-mail/phone consultation - Up to 2 hours total general Internet orientation education, marketing strategy, Web design consultation, and helping clients learn to use their own website.
Words of text - Supplied by the client (100 words per page approximate maximum if not supplied via diskette. Web pages of more than 1,200 words of text may be subject to additional fees,
especially if they require an extreme amount of formatting.)
Links - To external pages, up to 3 per page.
Custom Graphics Package - Masthead graphic on first page (simple custom graphic incorporating company logo). Top-of-page graphic for all other pages in your website. Colorful lines and bullets, and colored and textured background.
Photos and other misc - Graphic images supplied by client (up to 3 included per page in standard websites and "regular" online store pages, in addition to masthead and top-of-page graphic. (Color originals larger than 5" x 8" are extra).

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